Hi, we are Leo and Kim. We are so glad you found us.

We are brothers currently living in Orange County.

Our journey began early on as kids when our Dad gave us a very small camera as a gift for Christmas. That was the beginning of our shared passion for photography. At first, we only used that camera to capture photos from our family events as a pastime, mainly because of course, we do not want to forget those memories. But even as kids, we always believed photographs were a way to “freeze” cherished moments and memories; we believed that they cannot be reproduced, and without a camera, they would be gone forever. So, as we grew up, we continued to pursue the love of photography together and have learned new ways to see the world through lenses.

Presently, we decided to build a milestone in our journey by beginning our shared venture as Capture the Moment Studio. We are excited about offering services as wedding photographers to our clients! We look forward to showing them our unique perspective in capturing their precious moments and memories in one of the most important days as a way to preserve them for years to come.

Currently, we are members of Wedding Photojournalist Association - the best international directory of documentary and reportage-style wedding photographers, and Fearless Photographers - a professional wedding photographers directory of the world's best wedding photographers for brides and grooms. You can see some of our achievements here.

Together, our journey continues, and we hope you will join us!

Thank you.